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אַבְשָׁלוֹם בֶּן דָּוִד   (שמואל ב ג:ג, יג-יח, דברי הימים א ג:ב)
דוד 's  third son whose mother is מַעֲכָה בַּת תַּלְמַי When אבשלום 's  sister תמר   is raped by their half brother אמנון אבשלום   takes תמר   into his house. Two years after that, אבשלום   gets his revenge when he kills אמנון   at sheep shearing festivities. אבשלום   then escapes to גשור   to his maternal grandfather תלמי with whom he stays for three years. Thanks to the intervention of יואב   (אבשלום 's  cousin) דוד   is persuaded to allow אבשלום   to return to ירושלים Nevertheless, אבשלום   is not allowed in the palace but remains unseen by דוד   for two more years. In order to get יואב 's  attention, אבשלום   sets his field on fire; יואב   then agrees to get אבשלום   an audience with דוד דוד   embraces אבשלום   but is soon betrayed by him. Chapters 15 through 19 in שמואל ב   tell the story of אבשלום 's  rebellion against דוד אבשלום   first builds up popular support among the people and then declares himself king in חברון דוד   flees ירושלים   when he realizes that the nation is with his son. He takes with him soldiers and loyalists all weeping at their misfortune. אבשלום   follows אחיתפל 's  advice and sleeps with דוד 's  concubines who have remained in ירושלים a sign of אבשלום 's  usurpation of his father's throne. But God forces אבשלום   to accept חושי 's  battle plan over אחיתפל 's  which was objectively sounder. When דוד   finally sends out an army to confront אבשלום 's  forces, דוד 's  men are victorious and 20,000 men of Israel are killed. אבשלום riding a donkey under a terebinth tree, gets his hair caught in the branches and is stuck there. יואב   hears that אבשלום   is trapped and he kills the prince while he hangs in the tree. Before his death, אבשלום   had set up a monument to himself called "יד אבשלום ".

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