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A Canaanite king captured and killed during 's  conquest of its territory.   is a wicked king who severs the thumbs and big toes of his captured foes and forces them (70 in all) to scrounge for scraps of food under his table. The men from   disfigure him in like manner.

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King of   from the nation of Upon hearing of 's  conquest of   and   as well as the submission of the   forges a pact with other local Amorite kings:   and Together the five attack   for making peace with Israel. The outmanned   call   for assistance.   and his army arrive and defeat the five armies with two miracles thrown in by God to make the job easier.

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A leader of the people during the time of   is a signatory to a pledge - an affirmed by the leaders of the community. Those who sign the declaration promise to observe the commandments of the Torah, to refrain from intermarrying, to avoid commerce on Shabbat, and to make regular donations to the Temple.

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The Judean king   is a righteous leader who walks in the ways of God. He sends a delegation of religious authorities on a circuit throughout the cities of   to teach Torah to the people. a is one of the instructors in that group.

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's  fourth son. His mother is When   becomes old and weak,   decides that he will be the next king. He assembles chariots and runners and gathers some of his father's advisors-   and   to support him, spurning and of course While celebrating 's  imminent coronation,   arrives with news that   has chosen   as Israel's next leader. The party breaks up suddenly and fearing runs and seizes the horns of the   believing that he will be safe there.   sends word that if   behaves, no harm will come to him. After   dies   asks   to appeal to   to grant him 's  concubine, as a wife.   sees this as a challenge to his throne and he has   killed by The story of 's  attempt to seize Israel's throne and 's  selection of   to succeed him ( ) is read as the   for .

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666 (or 667) of this man's descendants return to   with   following the edict of Other descendants of his accompany   to Israel from .

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Labour minister under   and under his son responsible for enlisting people to work for the state.   is put in charge of organizing and dispatching labourers to cut timber in Lebanon for 's  construction of the After 's  rise to the throne, the king announces that he will be tougher on the people than his father was.   was the first casualty of this policy.   sends   to quell the rebellion against him, and the people of   stone him to death.

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