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אַהֲרֹן   (שמות-במדבר, דברי הימים א ה:כט)
First כהן גדול   of Israel, older brother of משה son of עמרם   and יוכבד אהרן   marries אלישבע בת נחשון   and has four sons: נדב אביהוא אלעזר איתמר God sends אהרן   to meet משה   on the latter's journey to Egypt and serves as משה 's  spokesman when dealing with פרעה   at the beginning of ספר שמות אהרן   is 83 years old when he and his brother appeal to פרעה   to let the Israelites leave. When God sends plagues to the land of Egypt, אהרן   assists his brother משה   in introducing these punishments (פרשיות וארא בא ). God commands משה   to fashion special clothes for אהרן   and his sons, the כהנים to wear when serving in the משכן for they will be the כהנים   who will serve in the משכן   (שמות כח :א ) (פרשת תצוה ). Following the revelation at הר סיני משה   ascends the mountain for forty days and forty nights to receive law from God. At the end of this mission the people become anxious because משה   has not returned, and demand that אהרן   fashion them a god. אהרן   tells the people to collect and donate their gold jewelry from which he creates a golden calf - the עֵגֶל הַזָּהָב When משה   does return soon after, carrying the tablets of the law - לֻחֹת הָעֵדֻת he is incensed that the nation is practicing idolatry and smashes the tablets on the ground. משה   confronts his brother, demanding to know how the nation forced him to construct the idol. אהרן   answers that the people are wicked (פרשת כי תשא ). אהרן   is appointed to serve as the כהן גדול   and his sons are selected to assist him (פרשת פקודי ). אהרן 's  elder two sons, נדב   and אביהו are struck dead by God for bringing an inappropriate incense offering (פרשת שמיני ). אהרן   and his sister מרים   speak disrespectfully about משה This angers God who strikes מרים   with leprosy. אהרן   begs משה   to pray to God on מרים 's  behalf (פרשת בהעלתך ). אהרן   and משה 's  cousin קרח   challenges their leadership and משה   defends his brother by proposing that the 250 men of קרח   offer incense along with אהרן   to see whose is accepted by God. The test is not actually completed because קרח   and his men are killed by God. The people then complain that משה   and אהרן   have killed God's nation. God sends a plague against בני ישראל   which kills an additional 14,700 people, before the incense offered by אהרן   serves to atone for the people's sins and the plague ends. To prove that אהרן   has been chosen by God, the chief of each שבט   is ordered to surrender his staff with his name written on it. These twelve are placed alongside that of אהרן   in the אהל מועד   and left overnight. In the morning אהרן 's  staff blossoms and bears almonds proving that he is God's choice. The miraculous staff is put aside as a memorial for the episode (פרשת קרח ). In the 40th year of the desert journey, the people once again find themselves without water (at a place to be called מי מריבה ) and complain to משה claiming that it would have been better to die of plague or to remain in Egypt than to die of thirst. God tells משה   and אהרן   to speak to a rock and to draw water from it. משה   hits the rock twice and water pours out. God says that their action showed a lack of faith in God, and since they did not sanctify Him in front of Israel they will be punished by not being allowed to enter the land of Israel. אהרן   dies soon after on הֹר הָהָר משה   and אלעזר   (אהרן 's  son) accompany אהרן   up the mountain where אהרן 's  priestly garments are transferred to אלעזר אהרן   lives to 123 (במדבר לג :לט ) and is mourned for 30 days (פרשת חקת ). In Jewish folklore אהרן   is credited with being intolerant of strife; he would try to make peace between quarelling friends (סנהדרין ו :  and רש "י 's  comments there, פרקי אבות א :יב ).

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