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Twelfth king of   who succeeds his father.   commits trespasses against God, including passing his son through fire. 's  kingdom is attacked by the combined forces of   king of Israel and   king of The prophet   appears to   and pleads with him to remain calm, promising him that   and   (another name for the Kingdom of Israel) will fail in their bid to conquer   refuses to accept this message of encouragement from the   also warns   that the punishment for his idolatry is yet to come at the hands of Indeed,   withstands the siege against although according to the account related in   does suffer serious losses in its confrontation with   and   appeals to   king of   to rescue him from his two enemies, which   does by attacking   and killing   visits his patron in Damascus where he is very taken by an altar he sees there.   forwards the specifications of the structure to a   in   who follows the plans in building a new Upon his return,   offers sacrifices on his new altar.   further dismantles parts of the   in order to keep them from the king of   is succeeded by his son Altars that were made by   are later destroyed by King   during his religious reforms ( : ).

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A descendant of .

grandfather of

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Eighth king of   follows the idolatrous practices of his parents   and This king attempts a joint mission with   of   to procure gold from Following an accident,   falls ill and sends messengers to inquire of the false god, whether he will recover. These messengers are intercepted by   who sends a message of rebuke to the king for not inquiring of God.   then sends a group of 50 soldiers to arrest   but the prophet invokes fire from the sky and burns them up. A second brigade of 50 suffers the same fate. The leader of a third group however, appeals to   who spares the soldiers.   meets   and tells him he will die because he sought the advice of   instead of God. 's  brother   reigns following his death.

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Sixth king of   continues the idolatrous ways of his father and his mother's family (   is the daughter of King   of Israel).   teams with   of Israel to fight When   is wounded in the battle against   visits him in   where he is recuperating.   comes to   and kills both kings, taking over the reign of 's  mother   assumes the throne of .

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A descendant of .

  ( : )
A friend of   who accompanies the king of   when he calls on .

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