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  ( : )
A soldier from   who joins   in .

  ( : )
A   and a musician who accompanies the   to   in the time of .

  ( : , :-, : )
chief of Following completion of the Tabernacle, the chiefs of Israel's tribes bring gifts of silver, gold and animals as dedication offerings.   presents his goods on the third of twelve days of consecration.

  ( :-, :-, : )
's  oldest brother.   mistakenly tries to anoint him king, choosing him from 's  sons due to his appearance and height. During the   episode,   rebukes   for presuming to be able to fight the giant. 's  daughter   was either the wife or the mother-in-law of 's  grandson, King .

  ( : )
A descendant of This is likely the same individual as   listed in : .

  ( , : )
Grandson of and father of   and .

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