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  ( :)
A descendant of   who is pressured to give up his non-Jewish wife in the time of .

  ( :)
This   participates in the dedication ceremonies of 's  walls in the time of .

  ( :)
After the   return the   it sits in   until people from   take it to the house of There his son   is charged with guarding the .

  ( :, :, :, :-, :, :-, -, : )
Third-born son of   and a   marries the daughter of   and has a son   is in charge of the oil for the light ( ) and the incense ( ), the daily offering ( ) and the anointing oil ( ) ( ). Following the failed rebellion of   is charged with collecting the 250 incense pans and making them into a covering for the   ( ).   accompanies his father and his uncle   up the mountain where   is to die. Because 's  older brothers   and   are dead,   becomes Israel's second   ( ). When   is appointed Israel's second leader,   participates in the formal ceremony since he will guide   in the future ( ). These two leaders supervise the division of the land of Israel following its conquest. 's  death is reported at the end of   ( : ). His son, plays a prominent role in several episodes in the desert and in Israel. According to the after   received a Torah lesson from God, he first reviewed the material with his brother and then taught 's  sons   and   ( :).

  ( )  ( :-)
A hero in 's  army who slaughters   to the point of exhaustion.

  ( :)
A   from the   family after whom a division of   is named.

  ( :)
A figure, possibly a during the time of 's  return to He and several others weigh out the silver and gold that was brought with the Jews from .

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