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Third king of   is a righteous king who follows the path of his ancestor removing idolatry from the land.   successfully repels an invasion by   ( ).   wars continually with the king of When   begins to build a fortification at   persuades king of to break his treaty with   and to attack him. The king is approached by a prophet   who encourages him to be faithful to God.   is persuaded by 's  speech and reestablishes a covenant with God by assembling the people and having them swear to obey the law. Indeed, citizens from the tribes of   and   join the revival once they see that God is with   ( ). Nevertheless, the king is rebuked by a prophet,   for forging an alliance with   should have relied solely on God as he did in his confrontation with   is displeased with this message and imprisons God's messenger ( : - ).   reigns for 41 years and is succeeded by his son .

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This 's  son is one of the early settlers in   when the Jews return to their homeland.

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