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Second son of 's  name is derived from 's  gratitude to God for making him fruitful " in the land of his affliction ( ). On his death bed,   insists on blessing   with his right hand (considered more important) despite the fact that   is the younger of 's  sons ( ). The kingdom of Israel is often called possibly because its first king,   is from this One such reference is from :


Truly, Ephraim is a dear son to me, a child who is dandled; for as often as I speak of him, My thoughts still dwell on him; therefore my heart yearns for him, I surely will have compassion on him, declares the Lord.

Important personalities from   include:   the prophetess;   the   of the   story in the first king of divided Israel, and his son According to the the Israelite king   is from the tribe of   ( ), which means that so are his son   and grandsons   and   who are also kings.

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