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בִּנְיָמִין   (בראשית לה-נ, דברי הימים א ב:ב)
The twelfth son of יעקב   and second son of רחל רחל   dies giving birth to בנימין   and on her death bed names her son בֶּן -אוֹנִי   meaning "son of my sorrow." יעקב   however renames the child בנימין   (פרשת וישלח ). During the famine predicted by יוסף יעקב   sends all of his sons save בנימין   to Egypt to buy food to sustain the family. יוסף   accuses his brothers of being spies and warns them not to return to Egypt unless בנימין   is with them. יהודה   convinces יעקב   to send בנימין   and יוסף   is overwhelmed upon seeing his younger brother. יוסף   then frames בנימין   by hiding his silver goblet in the latter's sack. When the cup is discovered, יוסף   declares that he will keep בנימין   as a slave and release the rest of the brothers (פרשת מקץ ). Desperate to save בנימין   and return him to יעקב יהודה   pleads with יוסף   to have pity on his father. יוסף   finally reveals his true identity to his family and he and בנימין   embrace. בנימין   does not speak during the entire story (פרשת ויגש ). שבט בנימין   is nearly obliterated during the horrific story of פילגש בגבעה   (שופטים יז -כא ). Notable personalities from שבט בנימין   are: the שופט אהוד בן גרא שאול   the first Jewish king; שמעי בן גרא   a man who taunts דוד   during his flight from אבשלום שבע בן בכרי   traitor to דוד the brothers בַּעֲנָא   and רֵכָב   who assassinate of איש בשת מרדכי hero of מגילת אסתר .

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