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The fifth judge in   (from the family of ) is selected from   to lead a force of soldiers against invading marauders from   and   (peoples from the east). At first skeptical of God's promise to assist him,   asks for and receives several signs to prove that indeed God will be with him; the most famous being the wool and dew test. Before his campaign begins,   destroys an altar to   that his townsfolk have erected. With only 300 men,   routs the enemy at   near   (just south of the ), killing at least 120,000 men ( : ). After his victory,   punishes the Jewish inhabitants of   and   for not assisting his men. Impressed with his leadership, the people of Israel offer to make   king over them. The leader declines and instead rules as a judge for 40 years. One of 's  70 sons, attempts to succeed him.

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