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's  ten sons are hanged following his downfall.   is one of them.

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A descendant of   who is pressured to give up his non-Jewish wife in the time of .

father of


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Wife of   and queen of Persia. At the beginning of the book of   is seen hosting a banquet for women. At the same time, the king is busy with his own party which he has thrown for the citizens of the capital city,     calls upon   to make an appearance at the men's gathering, with the intention of displaying her beauty to his guests.   refuses the king's request, greatly angering the king.   consults with his advisors, asking them how to handle the recalcitrant queen. The sages are worried lest 's  behaviour set a precedent in the kingdom and lead to widespread disobedience among the populace's women.   advises   to replace   with another queen and to issue an edict that all wives must obey their husbands. 's  stand and subsequent removal make room for the book's heroine, to assume the throne.

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