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Grandson of the nineteenth king of .

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Governor of the restored community of   following the Jews' return from exile. Following the edict of   the Jews return to   from Together   and the rebuild the   in   in time for the holiday of Still, the Temple itself remained unfinished. The prophet   appeals to   and the religious leader   to lead the nation in rebuilding the Temple.   and   heed this call and restart the stalled project.   and   are approached by local residents who want to participate in the construction of the Temple. Their offer is rebuffed and they proceed to cause trouble for the Jews.   receives special acknowledgement from   that God is with him. In one of 's  visions, the prophet receives a message regarding the governor must know that it is God's spirit alone which will build the nation. Nevertheless, God does express words of hope to the leader. (According to '   is another name for .)

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