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A prophet who lives during the end of Israel's exile. Under the Persian king, the Jews received permission to return to their land and restore the Temple. Yet, for various reasons, building of the   stalled during the tenure of 's  son, This delay spurs the prophet   to exhort his compatriots to proceed with the project.   appeals successfully to the governor of and   the   of the period, to lead their flock in the holy work.   claims that God is disappointed with the people who strive to improve their own station while ignoring the ruined Temple (1:4). The prophet attributes the people's poverty to this neglect (1:5-11). If, however, the people of Israel invest their time in building the God will be with them and the second Temple will be greater than the first one was (chapter 2). The exhortation of   and his contemporary, persuade Israel to complete construction of Israel's religious centre. The Gemara states that God's communication with man ended with the prophets   and   ( .).

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Second-born son of .

  ( :)
A descendant of .

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Wife of mother of .

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