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  ( -, :)
A son of Although 's  sons are listed in :   as   first, then   and then the commentators "   (on : ) and "   (on : ) argue that   is the oldest,   the middle son, and   the youngest.   and his wife are rescued from the flood in the ark. After the flood,   plants vineyards and gets drunk on wine.   sees his father naked and embarrasses leading   to curse 's  son .

  ()  ( :, : )
A grandson .

  ( :)
A descendant of .

  ( :, :, :)
Mother of 17th king of and of the 20th king.

  ( :, :, :)
A grandson of .

  ( :, )
A   ruler.   initially sells land to   around the town of When 's  son   rapes 's  daughter   approaches   with a proposal of marriage. 's  sons respond with guile and tell   and   that they will agree to the marriage on condition that the two circumcise themselves as well as all of their compatriots. Father and son agree, but later when they are in pain,   and   kill all the males in the town and loot the place as well ( ).

  ( :)
The patriarch of the house of descendants of .

  ( :, : )
Descendants of .

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