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יֹאשִׁיָּהוּ בֶּן אָמוֹן   (מלכים א יג:ב, מלכים ב כב-כג, דברי הימים א ג:יד, דברי הימים ב לד-לה )
Sixteenth king of יהודה יאשיהו   is first mentioned several hundred years before his birth. ירבעם the first king of divided Israel receives a message from a man of God that the altar he has erected in בית אל   will years later be destroyed by יאשיהו a descendant of דוד After his father אמון   is assassinated, the people install יאשיהו   on the throne even though he is but eight years old. יאשיהו   abandons the idolatry of his father and grandfather and instead chooses the path of his ancestor דוד In the 18th year of his reign יאשיהו   decides to renovate the בית המקדש During the work, חלקיהו the כהן גדול discovers a ספר תורה This he sends to the king who upon hearing the curses written in the תורה tears his clothes. יאשיהו   is terrified of the wrath of God described in the תורה   and the possible punishments for sins the people might commit, since he fears that his populace is indeed guilty of such crimes. The king sends a team of five messengers to the prophetess חֻלְדָּה   to inquire of the Lord, just how angry He is. The men return with the communication that God is planning to bring evil to the land but will wait until after the king's death as a reward for the humility that he has displayed. יאשיהו   then convenes a national assembly at which he reads from the found תורה The king binds the people in a covenant to strictly follow the laws of God. יאשיהו   then embarks on a nation-wide campaign of reform to rid the people of idolatry and other sins. יאשיהו   destroys altars for עבודה זרה   constructed by his predecessors: שלמה ירבעם אחז   and מנשה The king conducts a Pesach seder, complete in all its details, something which apparently had been neglected for generations. Nevertheless, despite all of the work יאשיהו   does in improving the nation, the text states that God plans to go ahead with His threat to destroy ירושלים יאשיהו   marches against פרעה נְכֹה the king of Egypt, at מגדו during the latter's campaign up Israel's coast, but יאשיהו   is killed in battle. He had reigned for 31 years and is succeeded by his son יְהוֹאָחָז The description of the פסח   celebration in יאשיהו 's  time (מלכים ב כג -כד ) forms the הפטרה   for the second day of the holiday.

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