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  ( : )
This   is head of the   family in the time of the Second Temple.

  ( :)
An uncle of   who serves as an advisor to the king.

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The Judean king   is a righteous leader who walks in the ways of God. He sends a delegation of religious authorities on a circuit throughout the cities of   to teach Torah to the people. a is one of the instructors in that group.

  ( :, , :)
The son of a   in the time of During the rebellion of   and   are stationed in   and report back to   who has fled the city. After   advises   to implement a foolish plan,   sends   and   the details. First, the two spies hide in a well until they give 's  men the slip.   is the one to inform   that his father   has chosen   to rule Israel next.

  ( -)
A   from   who is convinced by a man named   to become his private   and serve as such in 's  house. Passing scouts from   discover the   working there and eventually persuade him to leave   and join them in their newly conquered territory.

  ( )  ( :, :)
A hero in 's  army.

  ( )  ( :, :-)
A nephew of   who kills a   giant.

  ( :, :)
A scribe in the time of King   whose house is turned into a prison. When   is arrested and beaten, he is imprisoned in 's  house until   finds him a more comfortable jail.

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