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יוֹאָב   (עזרא ב:ו, ח:ט, נחמיה ז:יא)
A descendant of פַּחַת מוֹאָב   whose family members return to יהודה   with זְרֻבָּבֶל A descendant of his, עֹבַדְיָה בֶּן יְחִיאֵל   leads 218 men in accompanying עזרא   to Israel.

יוֹאָב בֶּן צְרוּיָה   (שמואל ב ב, ג ,ח:טז, י, יא, יב:כו-לא, יד, יח, יט:ב-ט, כ, כד:א-ט, מלכים א א:ז, ב, דברי הימים א ב:טז, יא:ו)
A nephew of דוד and his general. יואב 's  first appearance occurs when אבנר שאול 's  former general, challenges יואב   to a contest between their respective soldiers. This turns into a battle in which יואב 's  men rout אבנר 's.  In the course of the pursuit אבנר   kills יואב 's  brother עשהאל In revenge, יואב   later kills אבנר   even though אבנר   has switched loyalties and is now working for דוד דוד   is incensed at this and curses יואב In a war against עמון   and ארם יואב   sends his brother אבישי   to fight עמון and he leads soldiers against ארם יואב   understands his king and knows that דוד   is greatly distressed over the banishment of אבשלום   following his murder of אמנון יואב   therefore arranges for a woman from תקוע   to present a משל   to דוד   and thereby convince the king to allow the return of his son אבשלום   (יואב 's  cousin). During the rebellion of אבשלום דוד   divides his remaining army among אבישי יואב   and אִתַּי The three generals are commanded to treat אבשלום   gently. Nevertheless, when יואב   hears that אבשלום   is caught in a tree, he rebukes the soldier who found him but didn't kill him. יואב   himself then stabs the prince in the heart and kills him. יואב   subsequently rebukes דוד   for mourning אבשלום claiming that דוד 's  loyalists feel betrayed. Following the rebellion, דוד   replaces יואב   with עמשא the general appointed by אבשלום   (and another nephew of the king), perhaps to punish יואב   for killing אבשלום When שבע בן בכרי   rebels against דוד   and עמשא   is given the task of quelling the rebellion, יואב   and his brother אבישי   pursue עמשא and יואב   kills him, after which he takes over the mission of ending שבע 's  treachery. יואב   traps שבע   in a city called אָבֵלָה וּבֵית מַעֲכָה   and is preparing to storm the town when a woman convinces him that the citizens will end the matter themselves. They cut off שבע 's  head and toss it out to יואב יואב   tries unsuccessfully to convince דוד   not to undertake a census, an act which leads to a plague and the deaths of 70,000 people. (The meaning of this episode is unclear in the text.) When אדניה   decides he will succeed his father דוד יואב   joins אדניה   (his cousin). דוד   on his death bed reminds שלמה   that יואב   killed אבנר   and  עמשא and instructs שלמה   to punish יואב After שלמה   takes power he kills אדניה   and banishes אביתר and יואב   fears for his life. He flees to the מזבח   and grabs hold of its horns. שלמה   sends בניהו   to kill יואב .

יוֹאָב בֶּן שְׂרָיָה   (דברי הימים א ד:יד)
A descendant of יהודה בן יעקב .

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