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father of

father of

  ( : )
A   who is the head of the   family in the time of the Second Temple.

  ( : )
A descendant of .

  ( : )
The great-great-grandson of   and a   during .

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Upon his arrival in Israel,   is dismayed to learn that many of the residents of the land have taken non-Jewish wives.   calls upon the people to abandon these women, and most of them agree to do so.   is one of the few who oppose the idea (although his true feelings about the matter are unclear).

  ( )
One of the Judean army captains who escape 's  conquest of He is persuaded by the governor   to submit to the Babylonian king's rule. 's  brother   tries to warn   that   is bent on murdering him.

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Most active and famous of 's  sons, best friend and advocate of   is first introduced as a soldier, entrusted with a third of his father the king's army in battle against the   (chapter 13). 's  heroics are reported in chapter 14 when he and his armour bearer challenge and defeat a garrison of killing about twenty men. During battle with the   forbids his men to eat until the enemy is vanquished. The prince, unaware of the decree eats honey, leading   to condemn his son to death, a fate that   accepts. The people however, demand that   be spared (chapter 14).   next surfaces following 's  victory over   when it is reported that   loves   and gives his friend his royal cloak and arms to illustrate this affection.   and   forge a covenant that is mentioned several times in   (see 18:3, 20:12-17, 20:42, 23:16-18). Aware that his father wants to kill   pleads on behalf of his friend, arguing that indeed   is loyal to   is temporarily mollified (chapter 19).   devises a scheme to determine 's  intentions towards He eventually meets   in a field to tell him that   is intent on killing him (chapter 20).   tracks   to the Judean desert where   is hiding from Once again he assures him of his friendship, and announces with certainty that one day   will be king and   will serve as his deputy (chapter 23).   never gets the chance to serve in 's  cabinet. He, his father and two of his brothers are killed by the   on The   hang 's  body on the wall of   along with the bodies of his father and brothers. Men from   whom   had rescued years earlier, retrieve the bodies and bury them in their town (chapter 31). After   assumes power he seeks descendants of   and finding son of promises that he will look after him because of his feelings for his father ( ). Following the episode with the   buries   and seven of 's  descendants in the family sepulchre in   ( ). One of 's  encounters with   ( ) is read as the   on Shabbat when   falls on a Sunday.


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