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father of יִגְאָל

יוֹסֵף   (בראשית ל-נ, דברי הימים א ב:ב, ה:א-ב)
Eleventh son of יעקב   and first son of רחל Upon his birth, רחל   wishes that God add (יֹסֵף ) yet another son (פרשת ויצא ). יוסף   is יעקב 's  favourite son, a preference the father demonstrates by giving יוסף   a special coat. יוסף   further provokes his brothers by reporting their offenses to יעקב   and by relating dreams he has had. In his first dream יוסף   is represented by a bale of wheat, and his brothers by other sheaves which are bowing down to him. In his second dream eleven stars and the sun and moon similarly honour him. Later, יעקב   sends יוסף   to check on his brothers who are tending sheep away from home. Seeing him from afar, the brothers plot to kill יוסף ראובן   intervenes and persuades the others to throw him into a pit instead (planning to later rescue the lad). In ראובן 's  absence, יהודה   suggests that they haul יוסף   out of the pit and sell him to a band of passing ישמעאלים He is then is traded to some מדינים   who take him to Egypt. There, יוסף   is sold to פּוֹטִיפַר an officer of פרעה With God's assistance, יוסף   becomes very successful as פוטיפר 's  servant and the master entrusts יוסף   with all the responsibilities of his house. יוסף   is good looking and this draws the attention of פוטיפר 's  wife - the first recorded case of sexual harassment in the work place. יוסף   repeatedly rebuffs her, whereupon she accuses him of trying to sleep with her. פוטיפר   has יוסף   imprisoned but God makes him shine in the eyes of the warden who allows יוסף   the run of the jail. One day יוסף   offers to interpret the disturbing dreams of two prisoners, פרעה 's  wine steward and chief baker. יוסף   explains that the dreams portend the butler's reinstatement and the baker's execution. Indeed, the fates of the two play out according to יוסף 's  predictions (פרשת וישב ). Two years after that episode, פרעה the king of Egypt has twin dreams about seven pairs of cows and seven pairs of ears of wheat. יוסף 's  old acquaintance, the butler (שר המשקים ) remembers יוסף 's  talent and recommends him to פרעה יוסף   is summoned from the prison and explains to פרעה   that God is sending the king a message: seven years of plenty are about to begin but they will be followed by seven years of famine. פרעה   trusts יוסף 's  interpretation and appoints יוסף   prime minister over Egypt giving him the task of overseeing the collection and storage of food in preparation for the famine. פרעה   re-names יוסף צפנת פענח   (which might mean "He who deciphers the hidden"); the rabbis call יוסף   a צדיק   for feeding the hungry masses (מדרש תנחומא פרשת נח סימן ד ). יוסף   marries and has two sons: מנשה   and אפרים When the famine eventually hits, it strikes כנען   too, and יעקב   sends ten of his remaining sons to Egypt to buy food, keeping בנימין   with him. יוסף   recognizes his brothers but they do not know him. יוסף   accuses the men of being spies and when they argue that they are all brothers and they have another at home, he orders them to return to כנען   to bring back בנימין This will prove that their story is true. יוסף   imprisons שמעון   as collateral for the others' return. Eventually, the brothers do return to Egypt with בנימין and יוסף   is overwhelmed at the sight of his brother. יוסף   lets the company go but plants a silver goblet in בנימין 's  pack. After the brothers have left the city, יוסף   sends soldiers after them to accuse them of theft. The goblet is found and יוסף   declares his intention to keep בנימין   as a slave and to allow the rest to return to כנען   (פרשת מקץ ). יהודה   makes an impassioned speech to יוסף   describing the predicament he is in and the problem he faces in returning to יעקב   without בנימין יוסף   cannot keep up the facade any longer and reveals himself to his brothers who are understandably shocked. יוסף   directs his brothers to return to כנען   and to bring יעקב   and his family to Egypt. יעקב   and יוסף   are reunited and יוסף   presents his family to פרעה יוסף   settles his family in the גשן   area of Egypt and continues to administer the food distribution of the country (פרשת ויגש ). יוסף   presents his sons מנשה   and אפרים   to his father יעקב   when the latter is on his deathbed. יעקב   insists on putting his right hand on אפרים 's  head when he blesses the two, despite the fact that מנשה   is the first born. יוסף   objects and tries to correct his father, but יעקב   is adamant and says that he knows what he's doing. After יעקב 's  death, יוסף   has his father embalmed and then seeks פרעה 's  permission to take a leave of absence and travel to כנען   to bury יעקב   there. The request is granted and the entire family participates in the funeral and mourning period in כנען Upon the return to Egypt, יוסף 's  brothers tell him that יעקב   instructed them to tell יוסף   to forgive their sale of him nearly 40 years earlier. יוסף   assures them that he bears no grudge. יוסף   too asks his brothers not to bury him in Egypt when he dies but to eventually take his body with them when God takes the family back to כנען יוסף   dies at the age of 110 having lived to see his grandchildren (פרשת ויחי ). When בני ישראל   leave Egypt in ספר שמות   they take the bones of יוסף   with them (פרשת בשלח ). The body is buried after the conquest of the land of Israel (יהושע כד :לב ).

יוֹסֵף   (עזרא י:מב)
A descendant of בָּנִי   who is pressured to give up his non-Jewish wife in the time of עזרא .

יוֹסֵף   (נחמיה יב:יד)
A כהן   who is the head of the שְׁבַנְיָה   family in the time of the Second Temple.

יוֹסֵף בֶּן אָסָף   (דברי הימים א כה:ב, ט)
A לוי   and musician who plays in the sanctuary service in the time of דוד He leads the group which works first in the cycle of 24 divisions of לְוִיִם .

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