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יִצְחָק   (בראשית כא-לה, דברי הימים א א:כח)
Son of אברהם   and שרה the second of Israel's patriarchs: אברהם יצחק יעקב יצחק 's  birth is foretold by God who also names him before he is even conceived. Upon hearing God's declaration that he and שרה   will have a son, אברהם   laughs. God proceeds to tell אברהם   that he will indeed have a son whom he will name יצחק a name presumably based on the Hebrew word for laughter - צְחֹק   (see רש "י   to בראשית יז :יט ) (פרשת לך לך ). יצחק 's  mother also laughs when she hears she will be a 90 year old mother. יצחק   is born and becomes the first person to enter the covenant of God on his eighth day of life. יצחק   is victimized in some way by his older half-brother ישמעאל leading to the latter's banishment. The most dramatic event of יצחק 's  life comes when God commands his father to sacrifice him as an offering in an episode known as עֲקֵדַת יִצְחָק the binding of יצחק אברהם   takes his son and travels to an unknown location, all the while keeping the true purpose of the mission a secret from יצחק אברהם   binds יצחק   and places him on the altar. The father takes the knife and prepares to slaughter his son but his hand is stayed by an angel who stops him at the last moment. A ram is sacrificed in יצחק 's  stead (פרשת וירא ). אברהם   sends a servant to אֲרַם נַהֲרַיִם   to find his son a wife. The servant returns with רבקה   who meets יצחק   in a field. יצחק   loves רבקה   and her presence is comforting when his mother dies. Upon his father's death, יצחק   joins his brother ישמעאל   in burying אברהם   (פרשת חיי שרה ). יצחק   is 40 years old when he marries רבקה   and the couple is childless for 20 years after that. יצחק   prays to God on his wife's behalf and she conceives and gives birth to twins. עשו   is born first and יעקב   is second. יצחק   prefers עשו   over יעקב   since עשו   provides יצחק   with meat from the hunt. During a famine in כנען יצחק   takes his family to the territory of אבימלך king of the פלשתים   in גרר To protect himself, יצחק   follows a pattern set by his father and tells people that רבקה   is really his sister. Later, אבימלך   catches יצחק   flirting with רבקה   and realizes that he has been deceived. Eventually, יצחק   becomes financially successful causing jealousy among the פלשתים Nevertheless, אבימלך   forges a pact with יצחק   as he did with אברהם Old and poor-sighted, יצחק   decides the time has come to bless his oldest son עשו   before he dies. He summons עשו   and instructs him to hunt and prepare an animal for יצחק   to eat before blessing him. רבקה   overhears this conversation and tells יעקב   to impersonate עשו   and thus receive his blessing. יעקב   obeys and יצחק   is tricked although he suspects something is amiss when he hears יעקב 's  voice (prompting the famous declaration הַקֹּל קוֹל יַעֲקֹב וְהַיָּדַיִם יְדֵי עֵשָׂו the voice is that of יעקב but the hands are those of עשו ). When עשו   later appears and יצחק   realizes what has happened, he trembles with emotion and tries to bless עשו   as well. Later, יצחק   agrees with רבקה 's  plan to send יעקב   to לבן 's  household to protect him from עשו 's  rage and to prevent him from marrying a כנענית   woman (פרשת תולדות ). After a twenty-two year absence יעקב   returns to כנען   to see his father in קרית ארבע יצחק   dies at the age of 180 and is buried in מערת מכפלה   by his sons עשו   and יעקב   (פרשת וישלח ).

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