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Thirteenth king of Israel.   expands Israel's territory thus fulfilling a prophecy of   (a declaration not printed anywhere in the Bible).   is succeeded by his son a   serving in   tries to persuade   to banish the prophet   from   for predicting 's  death and the downfall of the state. No response from the king is noted in the text.

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First king of the divided kingdom of Israel.   is from   and his mother's name is   begins his career in the employ of   who puts him in charge of the labourers from the   of   and Following God's declaration that He will tear the kingdom from   as a punishment for his idolatry, the prophet   appoints   king over ten tribes.   is apparently aware of 's  ascent to power and tries to kill him.   seeks asylum in Egypt under King When   takes over from   returns to Israel. All the   save   and   make   their king when   takes a hard line with the nation.   is insecure about his position and fears that the nation will return to   since they have to travel to   to offer sacrifices in the   there. To lead the people away from   establishes two centres of worship north of the city, one in   and one in providing each place with a golden calf.   also commits other idolatrous practices. The altar in   is destroyed generations later by King   during his religious reforms ( : ).   and   do battle continually throughout their reigns ( : ). When 's  son   falls ill,   sends his wife to consult with the prophet   who warns the royal couple that the prince will die as will the entire line of   due to the sinful behaviour of the king.   dies after a 22-year reign and his son   succeeds him.

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