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כּוֹרֶשׁ   (ישעיה מד:כח, מה:א-יג, דניאל א:כא, ו:כט, עזרא א, דברי הימים ב לו:כב-כג)
King of Persia. In ספר ישעיה the prophet addresses כורש calling him God's anointed one (ישעיה מה :א ) and telling him that God will engineer his rise to power. The king has two missions: liberation of Israel from Babylonia and helping to spread knowledge of God. In the first year of his reign כורש   issues a proclamation allowing the Jews, exiled to Babylon, to return to יהודה   and rebuild the Temple in ירושלים To prove his sincerity, כורש   presents the Jewish community with the precious utensils that נבוכדנאצר   had stolen from the בית המקדש According to דברי הימים כורש 's  generosity to the Jews is due to God's intervention.

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