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לֵוִי   (בראשית כט-נ, שמות ו:טז, דברי הימים א ב:א)
Third son of יעקב   and לאה לוי   is so named because his mother believes that after giving birth to three sons יעקב   will feel joined to her (יִלָוֶה ) (פרשת ויצא ). לוי 's  younger sister דינה   is raped by שכם בן חמור   and לוי   and his brother שמעון   plot revenge against שכם   and his townspeople. They tell שכם   that they will let him marry their sister on condition that he and all his relatives and neighbours agree to circumcise themselves. When שכם   agrees, the brothers take advantage of the people's weakened state to kill all the menfolk of the town. יעקב   rebukes his two sons, fearing retribution from the neighbouring towns. שמעון   and לוי   defend their behaviour, arguing that their sister is not to be treated like a prostitute (פרשת וישלח ). לוי   lives to 137. His two most famous descendants are משה   and אהרן but all of שבט לוי   are singled out to serve as Israel's teachers and religious leaders. שבט לוי   is assigned the task of working in the משכן   as substitutes for the first-borns of Israel (במדבר ג :יב -יג ). Important personalities to emerge from שבט לוי   include: משה אהרן מרים אלעזר קרח פינחס עלי אלקנה שמואל ירמיהו   and עזרא .

לִוְיָתָן   (ישעיה כז:א, תהלים קד:כו, איוב מ-מא )
The לויתן   is a giant aquatic creature. God's address to איוב   centres on his insignificant place in the universe. To illustrate this point, God argues that man could not possibly capture or tame לויתן   who is described as a fearsome creature. Although לויתן   is sometimes referred to as God's plaything (תהלים קד :כו איוב מ :כט ), ישעיהו   predicts that in the future God will kill this serpent. According to the Gemara, the skin of the לויתן   will one day serve as a Sukkah for the righteous who will also feast on its flesh (בבא בתרא עה .).

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