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מִיכַל בַּת שָׁאוּל   (שמואל א יד:מט, יח, יט, כה, שמואל ב ג:יב-טז, ו:טז-כג, דברי הימים א טו:כט )
A daughter of שאול   and wife of דוד After דוד   kills גלית מיכל   is given to him as a reward but first he is required to kill 200 פלשתים   and present their foreskins as a dowry to שאול מיכל   loves דוד   and they marry. At one point, שאול   sends messengers to דוד 's  house to kill him, but מיכל   reveals the plot to דוד   and helps him escape out the window. After דוד   flees שאול מיכל 's  father gives her in marriage to פלטי בן ליש In order to secure a position in דוד 's  court, אבנר   forces מיכל   to return to דוד greatly distressing פלטי   who follows her on the road until אבנר   chases him away. When דוד   brings the ארון   to ירושלים   he dances madly with the people, and מיכל   who watches the scene from a window is disgusted at the king's behaviour. She rebukes דוד   but he is unmoved. The text declares that מיכל   had no child until the day she died. A later incident however, claims that מיכל  had five sons (שמואל ב כא :ח ) with עַדְרִיאֵל הַמְּחֹלָתִי  , a man who had earlier been listed as מיכל s brother-in-law. The Gemara explains that indeed the sons were born to מיכל s sister, מרב  , but that מיכל   raised them (סנהדרין יט :).

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