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grandfather of

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First-born son of   names his son   claiming that God has made him forget " his toil and his father's house ( ). When 's  grandfather, blesses him and his brother,   discovers that his descendants will not be as great as 's,  as   insists on putting his left hand (considered the weaker one) on 's  head when he bestows his blessings upon the two ( ). The tribes of   and   and half of   request land on the eastern side of the Jordan river rather than on the western side. They feel that the eastern side can better support their abundant cattle.   grants their wish on condition that they participate in the battles on the western side of the river too ( ).   reminds the half-tribe of their obligation in chapter 1 of   and acknowledges in chapter 22 that they have fulfilled their responsibility to the nation. After the tribes return to their land on the eastern side of the Jordan River, they construct an altar which is interpreted by the western Israelites as a break with the nation and a forbidden act. A delegation confronts the eastern community and threatens them with war if they do not remove the altar. The tribes answer that the altar they have built is not for sacrifices, but is a monument to their association with the rest of Israel ( ).   is from   as are the   and According to the the Israelite king   is from   ( ). This is most likely based on the similarity between the name   and 's  grandfather's name- This of course means that whole line of kings descended from   is also from this tribe:   and .

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A descendant of   who is pressured to give up his non-Jewish wife in the time of .

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A descendant of   who is pressured to give up his non-Jewish wife in the time of .

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The fourteenth king of   is an idolatrous king who commits all sorts of Biblical violations including murder. As a result of his behaviour God announces to His prophets that He will completely destroy   reigns for 55 years and is followed by his son Altars that are constructed by   are later destroyed by his grandson King   during the latter's religious reforms ( : ). According to   is taken captive by the king of   to There,   repents and is therefore freed. Upon his return to   he rids the city of idolatry and entreats the people to serve only God.

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