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נְבוֹ   (עזרא י:מג)
Seven of this man's descendants are pressured to give up their non-Jewish wives in the time of עזרא .

נְבוּזַרְאֲדָן רַב טַבָּחִים   (מלכים ב כה, ירמיה לט, מ:א-ה, נב)
Captain of the guard of the Babylonian king נבכדנאצר נבוזראדן   is charged with destroying the בית המקדש   and burning ירושלים   at the end of the Judean state. His king gives נבוזראדן   charge over ירמיהו telling him not to harm the prophet. ירמיהו   is fetched and נבוזראדן   gives him a choice to stay in יהודה   or join the exiled Judeans in בבל ירמיהו   chooses not to leave יהודה   and is put under the care of גדליהו בן אחיקם .

נְבוּכַדְנֶאצַּר מֶלֶךְ בָּבֶל   (נְבוּכַדְרֶאצַּר)  (מלכים ב כד-כה, ירמיה כא, כה, כז, כח, לב:א, לט, נב, דניאל א-ד, דברי הימים ב לו:ו-כא)
This Babylonian king destroys the בית המקדש   and ירושלים He begins his conquest over יהודה   by subjugating King יהויקים   for three years, at which point the Judean king rebels. נבכדנאצר   besieges ירושלים   during the 8th year of his reign. By that time יהויכין   is king of יהודה   and he surrenders to נבכדנאצר   leading to his imprisonment. נבכדנאצר   loots the city and the Temple, exiles the residents to בבל   and installs יהויכין 's  uncle (whom he renames צדקיהו ) on the throne. צדקיהו   rebels against נבוכדנאצר prompting him to besiege ירושלים   for the second time in two years. During this traumatic period צדקיהו   begs ירמיהו   to pray on behalf of the city, but ירמיהו   repeats his prediction that נבוכדנאצר   will conquer ירושלים   and capture צקדיהו Indeed, the prophecies of ירמיהו   contain many statements of נבוכדנאצר 's  impending success against ירושלים   (two such examples appear in ירמיה כא :ז   and כה :ט ). The siege of ירושלים   lasts about a year and a half, whereupon the walls are breached and the city is invaded. צדקיהו   flees but is captured near יריחו   and exiled to בבל but not before witnessing the murder of his sons by נבוכדנאצר נבוכדנאצר   sends his general נבוזראדן   to burn the בית המקדש   and the city of ירושלים נבוכדנאצר   exiles the population of יהודה   to בבל   and installs גדליהו בן אחיקם   as governor over the remnant of Jews in Judea. In בבל the king selects some of his captives to be trained as advisors to him. Among those chosen are דָּנִיֵּאל חֲנַנְיָה מִישָׁאֵל   and עֲזַרְיָה God assists the four by boosting their intelligence and they subsequently impress the king with their wisdom and understanding (chapter 1 of ספר דניאל ). נבוכדנאצר   has troubling dreams and he demands that his advisors reveal to him both their content and meaning. Only דניאל having been prompted by God, is able to oblige the king. For this success, דניאל   is appointed governor in בבל   by נבוכדנאצר   (chapter 2). נבוכדנאצר   sets up a colossal golden statue decreeing that at the sound of certain horns and pipes all citizens must bow to the image (which was presumably of a deity). The penalty for ignoring this law is to be cast into a fiery furnace. חנניה מישאל   and עזריה   naturally refuse to bow to the statue and are called before their employer, נבוכדנאצר   who challenges their behaviour. The three declare that they are prepared to be burned alive rather than betray their God. They are bound and thrown into the furnace where they are seen walking around with a fourth man (identified by the Gemara as the angel גַּבְרִיאֵל   who is sent to rescue them. See פסחים קיח .) The sight astonishes נבוכדנאצר   who blesses God for saving his believers. The king promotes the three Jews and issues another law protecting the name of the true God (chapter 3). נבוכדנאצר   has another dream and this time he appeals directly to דניאל   (whom he addresses as בלטשאצר ) for assistance in recalling and interpreting it. The king has seen a great tree providing fruit and shade. The tree is cut down by a holy man and the animals it has been sheltering flee. Only the stump of the tree and its roots remain. דניאל   reports that the tree represents the king himself and that God is predicting his fall from power. נבוכדנאצר   will be driven from the company of men and will end up eating grass with the beasts of the field. נבוכדנאצר   will know that true power is only God's; He grants power to whomever He chooses. נבוכדנאצר   does seem to go mad for a period, after which he regains his senses and praises God (chapter 4).

נְבוּשַׁזְבָּן רַב סָרִיס   (ירמיה לט:יג)
An officer in the בבלי   army. Following the conquest of ירושלים   by נבוכדראצר the king orders that ירמיהו   not be harmed. נבושזבן   is one of the party sent to fetch the prophet from his cell.

נָבוֹת הַיִּזְרְעֵאלִי   (מלכים א כא)
A man at the centre of a distressing story in מלכים א   known as " כרם נבות ".  נבות   owns a vineyard next to the palace of אחאב king of Israel. אחאב   wants the vineyard and offers to give נבות   another piece of land or money in exchange for the plot. נבות however, refuses to sell his ancestral land. אחאב 's  wife איזבל   devises a scheme to fulfill her husband's desire. She frames נבות   by having two men testify falsely that he cursed God and the king. As a punishment for this, נבות   is stoned to death by his town. אחאב   subsequently takes נבות 's  land.

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