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parent of   might be another name for   ( 's  father), or it might be the name of 's  wife.

  ( )
A king of   who attacks the people of   in and threatens to blind the population's right eyes. newly crowned, comes to the rescue. He unites Israel into an army of 330,000 soldiers, and defeats 's  son   rules after him and provokes   into a war. Another son,   assists   during 's  insurrection.

  ( :, :-, :, :-, :)
chief of Following completion of the Tabernacle, the chiefs of Israel's tribes bring gifts of silver, gold and animals as dedication offerings.   presents his goods on the first of twelve days of consecration. According to the   is the first Israelite to jump into the water at   ( : ). 's  sister   marries   is the father of   and grandfather of .

  ( :- )
Mother of   twentieth king of   joins her son in surrendering to .

  ( :)
The name given to the golden serpent made by   ( : ) which is later worshipped by the people of When he purges   of idolatry, King   destroys   too.

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