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A   who returns to   with This might be the individual for whom the family of   is named ( : ).

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An official who participates in the dedication ceremonies of the walls of   in the time of .

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A scribe and a   leads a return of Jews to Israel following the reconstruction of the Temple. Armed with a letter from   authorizing his leadership,   leaves   with the purpose of teaching Torah in the land of Israel. He collects money from the Jews of   to support the fledgling state, and is also granted monetary gifts from the Persian treasury by the king himself.   instructs   to set up a system of governance in Israel and to impose Torah law in the land. On the way to Israel,   discovers that there are no   among the large company who have joined him. He sends a message to   at   to supply the group with   who can serve in the rebuilt Temple. Roughly 40   and 220   are sent to complete the population moving to Israel.   then declares a fast among his compatriots as an appeal for divine assistance in overcoming any enemies or obstacles the people might encounter on their journey. Upon arriving in Israel,   is dismayed to discover that many of the Jews there have intermarried among the non-Jewish residents of the land.   cries to God, begging forgiveness on behalf of the people for having neglected His commands. His speeches have a great impact on the population and   comforts the leader by telling him that the people will repent and divorce their foreign wives.   calls for a national assembly to take place in giving the people three days to gather there. All of the people of   and   converge in the city where they are rebuked by   who calls upon them to leave their non-Jewish women. Most of those present agree to enforce such a measure across the nation, though several men oppose the idea. The text of   lists 113 men who had married foreign women. After 's  construction of the walls of   there is a national assembly at which   reads the Torah to the community. He and his assistants explain the commandments therein and exhort the people to celebrate the holiday of   (chapter 8 in ). Following the feast, the people of Israel confess their sins, learn some more from the Torah, and listen to a recitation of Israelite history (chapter 9). The Talmud credits   with instituting ten laws on behalf of the Jewish people including the practice of reading the Torah on Shabbat afternoons and Monday and Thursday mornings ( .) In one version of the Talmud's explanation of variant Hebrew scripts,   is said to have introduced   (the script used today) to the Jews ( :) The scribe is also credited with writing the book which bears his name and parts of   ( .).

father of

  ( :)
A descendant of   who is pressured to give up his non-Jewish wife in the time of .

  ( : )
A   and musician who plays in the dedication ceremonies for the walls of   in the time of .

  ( :)
A soldier who joins   in .

  ( :)
The chief of   in the time of .

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