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רַבְשָׁקֵה   (מלכים ב יח, ישעיה לו)
A representative of סנחריב   king of אשור סנחריב   has marched on יהודה conquering cities as he goes and occupying the city of לכיש   south of ירושלים רבשקה   is sent (along with two other generals and an army) to confront חזקיה king of יהודה When he gets to ירושלים רבשקה   delivers a speech on behalf of his employer in which he tells חזיקה 's  advisers that it is hopeless to rely on Egypt or indeed God for assistance. רבשקה   delivers quite a discouraging speech in Hebrew in an attempt to convince the listening Jerusalemites to surrender. According to the Gemara רבשקה   is an Israelite apostate (סנהדרין ס .)

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