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father of

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A prostitute or innkeeper in   who shelters and assists the two spies sent by   prior to the nation's conquest of   hides the two men from soldiers of   who are searching for them. In return for this deed,   requests and receives assurances that she and her family will be spared when Israel attacks. According to the   later converts and marries   ( :).

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A   from the   family (and 's  grandson) after whom a division of   is named.   also serves as a treasurer for the sanctuary.

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Successor to third king in the line of When   takes charge of the nation his subjects plead with him to ease the burdens of taxation and forced labour imposed by   consults with his senior ministers who advise him to agree to the request. But   foolishly follows the advice of his junior advisers who tell him to increase the burden on the people. The nation rebels and   finds himself with a diminished kingdom of   and   prepares to fight a war against   but the prophet   tells him to stand down - the split is the will of God.   accepts this divine decree. Nevertheless,   and   (who takes over the rest of the nation) battle continually throughout their reigns. Once king,   engages in idolatry and has eighteen wives and sixty concubines.   king of Egypt attacks the stealing golden shields that   had fashioned. 's  son   succeeds him after 17 years of rule.

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