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שְׁלֹמֹה בֶּן דָּוִד   (שמואל ב ה:יד, יב:כד-כה, מלכים א א-יא, משלי א:א, י:א, כה:א, שיר השירים א:א, ג:ט, דברי הימים א ג:ה, כט, דברי הימים ב א-ט)
A son of דוד   born in ירושלים   and second king of בית דוד שלמה   is דוד   and בת שבע 's  second son. The first one dies as a baby. God gives שלמה   the nickname יְדִידְיָה beloved of the Lord. When דוד   becomes old and weak, his fourth son אדניה   decides that he will succeed his father. נתן הנביא   and בת שבע   rally on behalf of שלמה arguing to דוד   that he has already promised בת שבע   that שלמה   will be the next king. דוד   instructs צדוק הכהן בניהו בן יהוידע   and נתן הנביא   to anoint שלמה   at the גחון   spring outside of ירושלים Meanwhile, אדניה   and his supporters are celebrating his ascension to the throne. When word comes that דוד   has had שלמה   anointed, the party breaks up suddenly. אדניה fearing שלמה runs and seizes the horns of the מזבח   believing that he will be safe there. שלמה   sends word that if אדניה   behaves no harm will come to him. On his death bed, דוד   instructs שלמה   to deal with יואב   for killing אבנר   and עמשא and with שמעי בן גרא   for cursing דוד and to treat ברזלי   kindly. שלמה   eventually has אדניה יואב   and שמעי   killed and אביתר   banished for his loyalty to אדניה As soon as שלמה   becomes king, God offers him a gift. שלמה   requests great wisdom to rule the nation. The wish granted, שלמה   successfully settles the famous case of the two mothers. שלמה   also has great wealth and territory - his riches exceed that of all other kings (דברי הימים ב ט :כב ). The king's greatest projects are the construction of the first בית המקדש   (מלכים א פרק ו   and דברי הימים ב ג -ז ) and a palace for himself (מלכים א פרק ז ). שלמה   entertains מלכת שבא   who comes to Israel to investigate the rumors of שלמה 's  fantastic wisdom. שלמה   has 700 wives and 300 concubines, some of whom turn him towards idolatry. שלמה   is accused of serving the foreign gods עַשְׁתֹּרֶת מֹלֶךְ   and כְּמוֹשׁ although the Gemara presents an alternate understanding of שלמה 's  behaviour (שבת נו :) As a punishment for this, God declares that the kingdom of Israel will be torn apart and the house of דוד   will be left to govern only one tribe. במות   that are established for עבודה זרה   by שלמה are destroyed years later by his descendant King יאשיהו   during his religious reforms (מלכים ב כג :יג ). שלמה   reigns for 40 years and is succeeded by his son רחבעם He is credited with the composition of three Biblical books: משלי שיר השירים and קהלת   (שיר השירים רבה א ). The introductory verses to משלי   and שיר השירים   identify שלמה   as the books' author; while the first verse of קהלת   states that its author is קֹהֶלֶת בֶּן דָּוִד leading to the tradition that this in fact refers to שלמה בן דוד According to the Gemara, שלמה   and his father דוד   jointly write the third blessing of ברכת המזון בונה ירושלים   (ברכות מח :) שלמה 's  judgment of the two mothers (מלכים א ג ) is read as the הפטרה   for פרשת מקץ and דוד 's  parting instructions to שלמה   in מלכים א ב   form the הפטרה   for פרשת ויחי Descriptions of שלמה 's  construction of the Temple are used as הפטרות   on six occasions: מלכים א ה -ו   is read after פרשת תרומה מלכים א ז   follows פרשת ויקהל   (and the Torah reading on the occasional second שבת חנוכה ). Parts of מלכים א ח   form the הפטרות   for פרשת פקודי the second day of סוכות and שמיני עצרת .

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