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שְׁמוּאֵל   (שְׁמוּאֵל בֶּן אֶלְקָנָה בֶּן יְרֹחָם בֶּן אֱלִיהוּא בֶּן תֹּחוּ בֶּן צוּף אֶפְרָתִי)  (שמואל א א-כה:א, כח:יא-יט, דברי הימים א ו:יג, יח)
Prophet of God, judge of Israel, anointer of שאול   and דוד שמאול 's  mother חנה   was a barren woman until she prays for a son, vowing to dedicate the boy to the service of the Lord. As a לוי שמואל   fits in well at שִׁלֹה   and he becomes an apprentice to עלי the כהן גדול   (chapter 2). God appears to שמואל   for the first time during the night at שִׁלֹה God calls שמואל   several times and each time the boy believes that עלי   his mentor is addressing him. It is עלי   who finally realizes that the Lord is revealing Himself to שמואל The vision שמואל   receives is that God is going to take down the house of עלי a message שמואל   reluctantly repeats to עלי   (chapter 3). שמואל 's  reputation begins to grow as a prophet of God. Upon the return of the ארון ה from פלשתי   territory, שמואל   exhorts the people to abandon their idolatry, and they obey him. He then prays to God on the people's behalf. שמואל   becomes an itinerant judge, travelling around Israel judging his nation (chapter 7). The turning point in שמואל 's  life comes in chapter 8 when the people request that he appoint a king to lead them. שמואל   sees this as somewhat of a rejection of him, but God tells שמואל   that indeed a king will be found. Nevertheless, שמואל   informs the nation about the powers a king will wield over them. God directs his candidate שאול   to שמואל   and the prophet immediately grants שאול   the respect due to a future king, giving him a place of honour at his table as well as the choicest meat (chapter 9). The next morning שמואל   anoints שאול   but waits some time before presenting him to the nation (chapter 10). שמואל   still feels slighted by the people and in addressing Israel challenges them to state any grievances they have against him. He then recounts Israelite history and calls for a miracle from God to illustrate that the people have acted rebelliously by demanding a king (chapter 12). שמואל   instructs שאול   to wait for him before offering a sacrifice prior to battle against the פלשתים When שאול   acts independently he is rebuked by the prophet who informs him that his kingship will not last (chapter 13). Instructed by God, שמואל   commands שאול   to obliterate עמלק The king only partly obeys this order, allowing the people to take sheep and oxen from their enemy, and sparing the king, אגג perhaps as a trophy of war. God informs שמואל   of שאול 's  failure, and the prophet spends the night mourning the disobedience of his charge. שמואל   confronts שאול who denies any wrongdoing. שמואל   however insists that a king of Israel follow God to the letter, and tells שאול   that his throne will be torn from him and given to another (chapter 15). Despite שמואל 's  great distress over שאול 's  behaviour and loss of his position, God sends him to בית לחם   to anoint שאול 's  successor. Unsure of the object of his mission, and considering each of ישי 's  sons in turn, שמואל   finally discovers the youngest, דוד whom he anoints (chapter 16). שמואל   harbors דוד   in ניות   during one of his flights from שאול   (chapter 19). The death of the נביא   is reported in 25:1 and recalled again in 28:3 to foreshadow his final appearance in the book. In anticipation of a furious battle against the פלשתים שאול   seeks some encouragement from the spirit of his dead sponsor, שמואל The king finds a woman whom he believes can summon שמואל   from the grave. שאול   asks שמואל   what he should do, but שמואל   is hardly supportive, telling him that דוד   will be given his crown because שאול   disobeyed God, and that שאול   and his sons will die the next day in battle. This is the last message of the prophet, an anointer of kings who watches one king rise and fall, and a second one rise, while he, שמואל loyally fulfills the missions set for him by God (3:20). שמואל   is credited with the composition of the books of שופטים מגילת רות   and ספר שמואל   (בבא בתרא יד :) שמואל 's  defense of his career (שמואל א יב ) is read as the הפטרה   to פרשת קרח .

שְׁמוּאֵל בֶּן עַמִּיהוּד   (במדבר לד:כ)
נשיא chief of שבט שמעון   under יהושע   who assists in dividing up ארץ ישראל .

שְׁמוּאֵל בֶּן תּוֹלָע   (דברי הימים א ז:ב)
A grandson of יששכר בן יעקב   and a chief of the family.

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